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Which 5-by-7-foot area rug is best?

When it comes to choosing an area rug, 5 by 7 feet is a golden ratio. It’s large enough to redefine a space, yet small enough to avoid dominating your field of view. With so many types of area rugs out there, which you choose depends on a number of factors. Your taste and your decor matter most, but you’ll also want to consider things like foot traffic, location and comfort. 

For a solid 5-by-7-foot rug that looks good while standing up to lots of use, you can’t go wrong with Persian Area Rugs 5-by-7-Foot Area Rug.  

What to know before you buy a 5-by-7-foot area rug

Benefits of using a 5-by-7-foot rug

A rug that is 5 feet by 7 feet is a classic size. It owes its versatility to how well it accommodates furniture. In addition to framing the average dimensions of common decor, an area rug of this scale is great for insulation. The layer of thick fabric is not only soft underfoot, but also reduces noise and helps block drafts.

Where to put a 5-by-7-foot rug

Area rugs bring people together. As central floor features, they anchor your decor and help define the space. Place your area rug in any large space where you want to link pieces of furniture, designate a gathering space or add color.

How to place an area rug

Area rugs create a large swath of color and texture in your room. Make sure there’s equal space around at least two edges and that it isn’t butting up against the wall. You also want to make sure it won’t create an awkward pathway, causing guests to walk with one foot on and one foot off the carpet.

One common misconception is that you shouldn’t place a rug under furniture. But you don’t have to center an area rug perfectly for it to be effective. Tucking edges under furniture is a great way to create a sense of unity among disparate features. 

Pattern vs. solid color

Whether you go with a patterned rug or solid-colored rug will depend on your taste and design scheme. 

  • Solid color: A single tone can do wonders for setting the mood. Because they take up so much space, solid-color area rugs should be one of the central hues in your palette. A solid-color rug helps with color-blocking in modern interiors or you can use it to calm busy, ornamental design schemes.
  • Pattern: If you’re looking to add a little texture to your space, a patterned area rug breaks up the monotony of minimalist decors. Patterns and motifs are also clever ways to integrate other colors into your palette.

What to look for in a quality 5-by-7-foot area rug


A rug’s material determines its durability and cost. Depending on where you plan on placing your carpet, you’ll want to consider what it’s woven from. 

  • Wool: Outside of synthetics, wool is one of the most common materials. It’s a good choice for high-traffic areas, as the soft yet rugged fibers can withstand heavy foot traffic. Just keep wool away from damp rooms. 
  • Silk: Silk is luxurious. The finely woven fibers yield beautifully intricate designs. But their fragility means silk requires professional cleaning. When it comes to area rugs, use silk in places that don’t see many guests (and take off the shoes).
  • Cotton: A cheaper alternative to wool, cotton can still weather lots of use, but won’t last as long. Use it in locations where you won’t be worried about replacing it.
  • Grasses and fibers: Jute, allo, sisal and seagrass are all popular natural fibers used for indoor and outdoor rugs. Their coarse texture can be a little rough underfoot, but the weaves are strong and weatherproof. 
  • Animal skins: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a 5-by-7-foot animal, but synthetic, oversized animal skins do exist. These kinds of rugs can be expensive but make great statement pieces.
  • Synthetics: Made from viscose, nylon, polyester or polypropylene, synthetic rugs mimic the texture of natural fibers. They don’t stain easily and are easy to clean, suiting them well to high-traffic areas and kids’ rooms. 


These days, most area rugs are synthetic, woven by machines on power looms. The fibers are pulled through a backing and glued into place, which is ultimately less durable than handwoven rugs.

If you want a quality, hand-woven rug, both flat-woven and hand-tufted rugs offer that heirloom aesthetic at a premium. These are more durable and each rug is unique. Flat-woven rugs have the added benefit of being reversible, so you can flip them to extend their lifespan.


Pile describes the length and density of your rug’s fibers. A high pile, such as that of a shag carpet, has a luscious, thick texture. But because the strands are so long, they can shed. Low-pile rugs are more durable but can still feel soft. They also insulate well. Flat-woven rugs have zero pile. So they don’t shed, but they also don’t insulate well. 

How much you can expect to spend on a 5-by-7-foot area rug

The cost of a 5-by-7-foot rug will depend on its material. Expect to pay $50-$200.

Best 5-by-7-foot rug FAQ

How do you clean a rug?

A. Most rugs, except for animal hides and silk, can be cleaned by hand. You’ll need to first beat the dust out of the rug. Then, using carpet-cleaning shampoo, scrub the carpet down with a brush. Rinse with a hose or bucket and let dry. Be sure to test a small patch first in case the dyes run. You don’t want to end up blanching the whole thing.

Is it OK to overlap rugs?

A. Another interior-design misconception is that your rugs shouldn’t touch, and should in fact have ample space between them. But overlapping has a boho, shabby-chic vibe that can make the room feel more homey and ornate. Try to line it up so the corners overlap, rather than one long edge. But anything goes here and the point is to have fun with it. 

What’s the best 5-by-7-foot area rug to buy?

Top 5-by-7 foot area rug

Persian Area Rugs 5-by-7-Foot Area Rug

Persian Area Rugs 5-by-7-Foot Area Rug

What you need to know: Persian and Oriental rugs are making a comeback, prized for their complex patterns and worn aesthetic. 

What you’ll love: Available in nine different colorways, this is a versatile area rug for both warm and cool interiors. It’s machine-woven with synthetic fibers, so it’s both durable and stain-resistant. And the modest pile feels soft without shedding too much. 

What you should consider: The glue that holds the fibers gives off a chemical smell that needs to air out for a few days.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top 5-by-7-foot area rug for the money

Nourison Essentials Solid Contemporary 5-by-7-Foot Area Rug

Nourison Essentials Solid Contemporary 5-by-7-Foot Area Rug

What you need to know: With so many color options, this is a great solid-color area rug on a budget. 

What you’ll love: With both heathered weaves that subtly mix in neutral tones and pure-color block options, this area rug has palatable colors to modern decors. It’s made from polypropylene and has a low pile that’s soft, but much closer to the profile of a flat-weave rug. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

What you should consider: Because of the way it’s rolled for shipping, some users had trouble getting it to lie flat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Well Woven Chie Kuki Collection Ultra-Soft Two-Tone Long Floppy Pile Area Rug

Well Woven Chie Kuki Collection Ultra-Soft Two-Tone Long Floppy Pile Area Rug

What you need to know: This plush area rug decadently heaps long fibers atop one another for loads of texture.

What you’ll love: You have your choice of 12 hues from a contemporary, muted palette. The soft fibers are a mixture of long and short threads that produces a slight shimmer. And unlike many shag carpets, this one doesn’t shed.

What you should consider: This carpet will be a little difficult to clean. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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