AUSTIN (KXAN) — “Everyone keeps asking, ‘How do I help?’ the sister of Javier Ambler said during the Austin Justice Coalition’s virtual rally on Saturday.

The event focused on police violence in central Texas and particularly the deaths of Ambler, Enrique Quiroz and Mike Ramos.

Ambler died in the custody of Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputies in March of last year.

Quiroz died in custody of the Austin Police Department this March.

Mike Ramos was shot and killed by an Austin Police Department officer in April.

Ambler’s family is pressing for accountability.

“Everyone keeps asking: ‘How do I help? How do I help? How do I help? How do I help?’ My answer is to hold everyone accountable,” said Kim Jones, Ambler’s sister. “The D.A. from Travis County and the D.A. from Williamson County are working together on this case. Let’s let them know, ‘Hey we appreciate you working together on this case. Now let us know what you are doing to fix it?’

Kim Jones says another way to help is to speak out at the Williamson County Commissioner meetings in Georgetown.

On Thursday, District Attorney Margaret Moore confirmed a grand jury will hear Mike Ramos’ case in August.