Catalyst is an investigative podcast from KXAN News. Each season, KXAN’s investigative team will expose societal problems facing the state of Texas and shortfalls in the systems that impact everyone living here. These journalists tell thought-provoking stories that might ultimately lead to positive change.

Season 4

KXAN investigators uncover hundreds of custodial death reports filed incorrectly, leaving unanswered questions when someone dies in Texas police custody. This podcast season is part of our “Dead & Undone” investigation.

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Season 3

KXAN investigators discover hundreds of mentally ill inmates in Texas languishing in county jails, waiting for beds in a state hospital. This standalone podcast season is part of our “Locked in Limbo” investigation.

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Season 2

KXAN investigators travel across Texas to track down survivors of mass shootings that have occurred over 40 years. This podcast season is part of our “A History of Mass Violence” investigation.

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Season 1

KXAN investigators explore challenges families find in seeking answers about missing loved ones. This podcast season is part of our “Mayberry Texas” investigation.

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