For nine months, KXAN investigators explored challenges families find in seeking answers about missing loved ones. Listen to the “Catalyst” podcast below. This season is part of our “Mayberry Texas” investigation. Watch the docuseries and explore the interactive elements.

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Ep. 1: Then There Was a Knock at the Door

A stranger’s late-night visit to a young “cross-dresser’s” home in Kenedy, Texas, leaves a family searching for answers 20 years later. 

Ep. 2: You Catch It, You Clean It

As new details emerge in the investigation into Jamie Mayberry’s disappearance, questions  linger about initial police response.

Ep. 3: They Even Brought In the Texas Rangers

State law enforcement helps investigate Jamie Mayberry’s case, as families face challenges in publicizing missing loved ones.

Ep. 4: Am I Walking With the Killer?

Rumors lead search teams and police to a cemetery on the edge of town, as “suspects” are revealed in Jamie Mayberry’s case.

Ep. 5: Leaves a Hole in Your Soul

Jamie Mayberry is entered into a national database of missing and unidentified persons, a system severely underutilized by Texas police.

Ep. 6: Sometimes They’re Hiding in Plain Sight

Another man’s kidnapping involves a key “witness” in Jamie Mayberry’s case, a woman investigators track down for answers.

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