A tip led KXAN to a storage yard holding hundreds of pipeline segments in Blanco. The segments will become the Permian Highway Pipeline. The group fighting the pipeline is concerned the anti-corrosion coating on the pipes has been outside, uncovered for far too long. Our investigation found there are no regulations to determine how long is too long before UV radiation begins to degrade the pipe coating.

Part 1: Baked in the Texas Sun

The pipe segments are coated with a fusion bonded epoxy corrosion protection product, which its manufacturer says will degrade under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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Part 2: State Complaint Filed

An anti-pipeline group gathered evidence for nine months to file a complaint with the Texas Railroad Commission, worried about the pipes’ storage safety.

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Part 3: Police Moonlighting

We discovered members of several area law enforcement agencies working as private pipeline security, yet keeping no public records to document their possible conflict.

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KXAN investigates pipeline segments exposed for more than a year.

KXAN investigates a state agency’s efforts to gauge pipes’ safety.

KXAN investigates the use of area police to patrol the pipeline.

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