During the pandemic, Nexstar stations received specialized virtual training from the Solutions Journalism Network (KXAN Photo)

Nexstar journalists across the country speak about the importance of the “Pandemic PASS or FAIL” project.

Nexstar Media Group has launched an investigative initiative called “Pandemic PASS or FAIL: Solutions for Education Equity,” taking a solutions-based approach to covering the coronavirus. Through a partnership with the national non-profit Solutions Journalism Network – a group dedicated to rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems – journalists at Nexstar stations across the country are working with the investigative team at KXAN in Austin, Texas, to tell unique stories surrounding one of today’s most pressing issues. The project focuses on how the pandemic has exposed socioeconomic inequities for schools and students and the solutions some have found to bridge that gap. This includes addressing racial disparities, as well as other ways the pandemic is disproportionately impacting certain groups.

Paving the way for this project, KXAN first implemented solutions journalism reporting methods in 2019 with its “Save Our Students: Solutions for Wellness & Safety” initiative. It was a response to a wave of school violence and student mental health concerns sweeping across Texas. With guidance and support from SJN, the resulting collection of stories and community engagement activities received numerous honors, including Mental Health America’s 2020 Media Award.

Building on that success and the positive response from viewers, KXAN and SJN once again teamed up in spring 2020 to collaborate on a nationwide project surrounding COVID-19. A grant connected to the renewed partnership gave KXAN the opportunity to hire two dedicated solutions journalists to focus on the pandemic’s impact on students. KXAN then worked with Nexstar’s corporate leaders to enlist several other stations to join the work already underway, investigating solutions implemented in their own communities. Each station received specialized training from SJN on this unique storytelling approach, and new stories will be regularly released through 2020.

During the pandemic, journalists from several Nexstar stations received specialized virtual training from the Solutions Journalism Network (KXAN Photo).

Nexstar journalists across the country speak about the importance of the “Pandemic PASS or FAIL” project.

Bethany Austin (KOIN), Judd Baker (KAMR), David Barer (KXAN), Erik Binggesser (KXAN), Andreia Bonds (WIAT), Richie Bowes (KXAN), Jim Bob Breazeale (KVEO), Lisa Brence (KNWA), Alex Caprariello (KXAN), Erin Cargile (KXAN), Chris Carillo (KAMR), Toby Carter (WIAT), Andrew Choat (KXAN), Haley Cihock (KXAN), Chad Cross (KXAN), John Cumpston (KNWA), Olivia Dangler (WHTM), Karma Dickerson (KTXL), Gage Divin (KVEO), Dax Dobbs (KXAN), Stephanie Dockery (KXAN), Arezow Doost (KXAN), Charles Duoto (KXAN), Will DuPree (KXAN), Anthony Durso (WHTM), Jonathan Eirkson (WHTM), Ruben Flores (KAMR), Ben Friberg (KXAN), Rachel Garza (KXAN), Lori Jane Gliha (KDVR), Alyssa Goard (KXAN), Elizabeth Gomez-Patino (KVEO), Lex Gray (WAVY), Eric Henrikson (KXAN), Valentina Herrera (KXAN), Walter Hildebrand (WAVY), Josh Hinkle (KXAN), Alex Hoder (KXAN), Chris Horne (WAVY), Sherri Jackson (WIAT), Chris Jacobs (KVEO), Ramon Johnson (WREG), Julie Karam (KXAN), Joel Kattner (KNWA), Austin Kellerman (Nexstar), Linda Kicak (KDVR), Jackie Kingston (KAMR), Eric Lefenfeld (KXAN), Joneé Lewis (WREG), Tom Long (KTXL), Rob Low (KDVR), Mike Marrero (WAVY), Dustin Martin (WSPA), Sarah Martin (KTVX), Anne Maxwell (WSPA), Adrienne Mayfield (WAVY), Catenya McHenry (KXAN), Chad Mira (KNWA), Matt Mitchell (KXAN), Chelsea Moreno (KXAN), Chris Mosher (KDVR), Chris Nelson (KXAN), Kendra Nichols (WHTM), Ny Lynn Nichols (KAMR), Jack Noonan (WAVY), Kerri O’Brien (WRIC), Stassy Olmos (WKRN), Dennis Owens (WHTM), Jacqulyn Powell (KXAN), Tahera Rahman (KXAN), Julian Resendiz (Border Report), Carolyn Robinson (Solutions Journalism Network), Drew Robinson (WAVY), Jack Royer (WIAT), Martin Sanchez (KXAN), Jennifer Sanders (KXAN), Andrew Schnitker (KXAN), Laurel Sebastian (KAMR), Forrest Shelor (WRIC), Robby Sherman (KOIN), Robert Sims (KXAN), Noah Skinner (KDVR), Marcus Stroud (WIAT), Amy Sullivan (KVEO), Saif Tawfeeq (KTXL), John Thomas (KXAN), Dan Tilkin (KOIN), Laney Valian (KXAN), Aly White (KXAN), Chris Wilkerson (KXAN), Lenita Williams (WAVY), Kate Winkle (KXAN), Holly Wise (Solutions Journalism Network), Faith Woodard (KVEO), Ed Zavala (KXAN)


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