LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — CapMetro services will remain in Leander for at least the next five years after voters approved a proposition to continue transit services in the city.

Proposition A passed Saturday with 58.5% of the vote.

The city is now eligible for about $9.3 million in funding from CapMetro for transit-supportive infrastructure projects. A city spokesperson tells KXAN city council will look at eligible projects at its May 19 meeting, then will meet with CapMetro staff to discuss.

In total, 3,896 votes were cast in favor of Prop A across the city, and 2,762 votes were cast against the measure.

KXAN analyzed voting results in 19 precincts within the city of Leander. Vote totals show a clear divide between Travis and Williamson Counties: every precinct in Williamson County approved the proposition, while every precinct in Travis County voted against.

Among precincts with more than 100 votes cast, Williamson County Precinct 258 voted most heavily for Prop A. In that precinct, 72.6% of vote (77) were for the proposition, and 27.4% (29) were against. The precinct lies in northwest Leander, and includes the Deerbrooke community, near Danielson Middle School.

Precincts closest to Leander Station, which provides direct service to downtown Austin via MetroRail, also strongly supported the continuation of services. Precinct 262, which contains the station, voted 65.3% in favor, while Precinct 257, across the road from the station, supported Prop A with 69.8% of the vote.

Areas further away from the station, particularly in southwest Leander, were less supportive. Only 52.6% of voters in Precinct 253 approved the measure. The precinct covers areas of the city south of Crystal Falls Parkway and west of N. Bell Boulevard.

Meanwhile, all three precincts in Travis County rejected the proposition. Opposition was strongest in Precinct 396, where two-thirds of voters rejected the measure. A total of 18 votes were cast in the precinct.