AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County’s May voter turnout was down 11.3% from last year. Over 97,000 voters cast ballots this May for an 11.27% turnout, according to unofficial results.

This included 37,523 voters on Election Day, 48,720 early voters and 11,082 vote-by-mail ballots.

May ballot items included local council races, bond elections and an Austin proposition to stop arrests for low-level marijuana offenses and ban no-knock warrants.

Turnout reached 22.57% in 2021. This ballot included the public camping ban proposition, which contributed to the high voter turnout.

Turnout was also down from 2021 in Williamson County, unofficial results show. Totals dropped over 2% to 10.62% in 2022. However, turnout increased over 3% this year in Hays County to 9.83%.

A first for state propositions

Voters widely approved two statewide property tax propositions — the first time constitutional amendments passed in an even-year May election. These changes aim to provide property tax relief for Texans.

Prior state constitutional amendment May elections were held in odd years. The last voter-approved amendment from a May election was in 2007, which was also related to property taxes, according to the Legislative Reference Library of Texas. Previously, three amendments failed on the May 1993 ballot, one of four amendments passed on the May 1971 ballot and one of five propositions passed in 1919.

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