AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County District Attorney-elect José Garza didn’t flinch in an interview Wednesday when KXAN News Today anchor Sally Hernandez asked him if he intends to investigate the death of Mike Ramos.

“It’s one of the first cases that we will take a look at when I take office in January,” Garza said. “My heart continues to break for the Ramos family that they have had to wait so long for justice.”

Garza intends to take the case to a grand jury, he said, and then doubled down and said all cases of police misconduct will go in front of grand juries moving forward.

“We’ve been clear throughout this campaign that we think our community needs to have the power to decide whether a law enforcement officer has engaged in misconduct,” Garza said.

Garza, who was running against Republican Martin Harry, carried a 70-30% landslide victory Tuesday and will replace outgoing district attorney Margaret Moore, who conceded to Garza in a Democratic primary runoff in July.

Moore said the Ramos case would go to a grand jury in August, but delayed that case — along with the in-custody death case of Javier Ambler — until a new district attorney took office.

Garza said he’s committed to reimagining the district attorney’s office and wants to make sure the people of Travis County know that he’ll work to create a criminal justice that’s fair for all.

“The voters in Travis County sent a clear and resounding message last night, and they have throughout the course of the year,” Garza said. “They expect a criminal justice system that’s fair and equal for everyone — regardless of the color of their skin, how much income they have or their immigration status. That’s the system that we set out to build, one that meets the aspirations of our community.”