AUSTIN (KXAN) — Incumbent Council Member Greg Casar won re-election Tuesday in a three-way race for the District 4 seat in northeast Austin.

Casar had 11,555 (66.8%) votes, Louis Herrin had 4,277 (24.7%) and Ramesses Setepenre had 1,453 (8.4%).

“Together I really think we have shown how we can stop being a city that just settles for progressive branding and hollow slogans, but instead fights to become a model for what justice and our progressive values can look like in Texas and in the American South,” Casar at a campaign Zoom event Tuesday night after his race had been called.

Greg Casar has served on Austin City Council since 2014 and is the youngest person ever to be elected to the council. Casar has led the council to make significant changes over the past few years, including pushing for the repeal of the previous ban on public camping and to limit the enforcement of marijuana possession in Austin.

Casar ran for re-election with goals to “heal our community from the effects of COVID, to transform our system of public safety to end racial discrimination in policing and prioritize low-income communities and to tackle our mobility and affordability challenges,” according to his campaign website. Casar was endorsed by all of Austin’s AFL-CIO Unions.

Louis C. Herrin III, an environmental engineer, is running his campaign with a focus on public safety and homelessness. Herrin opposes the action Austin City Council took to transition dollars out of the Austin Police Budget over the next year and favored reinstating the homeless camping ban. This was Herrin’s third time running for the District 4 Council seat. He previously appeared on the ballot in 2014 and 2016.

Ramesses II Setepenre, a former contract security guard at Austin City Hall, also ran. Setepenre is a self-described “Self-Funded, Gay Eco-Socialist” and according to his campaign Facebook page, “Pro-Black, Brown, LGBTQIA+, Women’s rights, Indigenous rights, Sex-Work, Drug Decriminalization, Healthcare-for-all, Slavery Reparations, Living Wages, Getting money out of politics, Green New Deal.”