WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Williamson County said the precinct-by-precinct level reports from the Nov. 3 election will be delayed, due to a programming issue with early voting in-person ballots.

The county said the vendor for its electronic poll books, Tenex Software Solutions, reported during early voting only, the machines were giving correct ballot information, but were not attaching precinct associations. So while the early voting results are accurate, the votes could not be separated by voting precinct, according to the county.

The county Elections Department found the discrepancy on Monday, and it was resolved in time for Election Day. Again, the problem does not affect the election’s results, the county said.

Elections Administrator Chris Davis said in a press release the department is seeking a court order to rescan only early voting in-person ballots to create an accurate precinct-level report. The precinct-by-precinct level reports will still be available by Nov. 16, the Secretary of State’s deadline.

“I have complete confidence in our elections process. Re-scanning the ballots will give both political parties the granular details that they are requesting,” said County Judge Bill Gravell in the county press release.