AUSTIN (KXAN) — Incumbent Council Member Leslie Pool won re-election against challenger Morgan Witt for the Austin City Council District 7 seat in north Austin.

Pool received 27,255 (67.2%) votes while Witt had 13,275 (32.8%).

Pool has represented District 7 since 2015 with a focus on addressing climate change, women’s rights, restructuring public safety, and improvements to parks and infrastructure in her district. She focused her 2020 campaign on prioritizing the financial success of local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a message on Twitter Tuesday night, Pool wrote, “This has been quite the year for all candidates running for office. I am gratified to have received such strong support for my work on Council from my District 7 neighbors.”

“Many challenges remain, and I look forward to continuing to represent District 7 and residents across our beloved city. My thanks to my campaign team for the big win and to my City Hall staff for making sure the D7 train always runs on time.”

Morgan Witt is a newcomer to the Austin political scene. Her background is in community advocacy, and she says she is “focused on serving, supporting, and empowering people through education.” She campaigned saying she had a “very middle class experience” growing up in Austin. Among her other priorities, she is focused on equity, affordability and climate change.

Austin City Council District 7 (City of Austin Photo)
Austin City Council District 7 (City of Austin Photo)