AUSTIN (KXAN) — Voters in three districts chose their new representatives on Austin City Council Tuesday.

Districts 3, 5 and 9 went to runoff elections after no candidates reached 50% of the vote in the Nov. 8 general election.

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KXAN analyzed precinct-level results in each district to determine where each candidates’ support was strongest.

In District 3, which covers much of east Austin, José Velásquez defeated Daniela Silva by a margin of 6.79 percentage points. Velásquez received the most votes in 14 precincts, while Silva won in eight.

Velásquez’s best performance was in Precinct 432, in the southwest part of the district. He received 70.59% of the vote there.

Silva’s strongest precinct was in Precinct 425, where she won 62.28% of the vote.

In District 5, Ryan Alter defeated Stephanie Bazan with the largest margin of any Austin council candidate in Tuesday’s runoff. The district covers 27 precincts in south Austin.

Alter won 20 of those precincts, most notably Precinct 307, where he won 75.28% of the vote. The precinct includes the Barton Hills neighborhood.

Bazan won the most votes in six precincts. Her strongest showing was in Precinct 454, where she received 59.03% of the vote. The precinct lies just west of the West Slaughter Lane and South First Street intersection and includes Parades Middle School and Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park.

District 9 covers 28 precincts in central Austin, including downtown and the University of Texas campus.

Qadri won 12 precincts in total. His strongest showing was Precinct 312, which covers much of the University of Texas campus. Qadri won 93.68% of the votes cast in the precinct.

Guerrero won 16 precincts in the district, including Precinct 212, where she won the only vote cast. Elsewhere, her best performance was in Precinct 303, which includes Auditorium Shores. She took 68.97% of the vote in that precinct.

Incumbent councilmembers Natasha Harper-Madison and Paige Ellis were reelected to their District 1 and 8 seats last month, avoiding runoffs.