AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters resoundingly rejected Prop A on the Nov. 2 ballot, with 68% of voters casting their ballots against the proposition.

If approved, Proposition A would have increased police staffing to a minimum of two officers per 1,000 residents. The proposition would have also doubled the required training for officers, expanded on minority hiring and mandated a minimum of 35% of officers’ shifts be spent on community policing.

KXAN has analyzed voting results in 229 precincts within the City of Austin.

Of the 211 precincts in which at least one vote on Prop A was cast, 173 voted against the proposition, 37 voted in favor and one precinct had a tied result.

Among precincts with more than 100 votes cast, Travis County Precinct 152 voted most heavily against Prop A. In that precinct, 92.96% of votes (1,413) were against the proposition, and 7.04% (107) were for. The precinct lies in east Austin, and is primarily bounded by I35 to the west, Airport Boulevard to the north and east and Manor Road to the south.

In total, the ‘against’ vote was above 90% in seven precincts, all in east or central Austin. Prop A was rejected by at least 75% of voters in a further 63 precincts.

Of the 37 precincts that voted in favor of Prop A, Travis County Precinct 232 showed the strongest support, with 86.67% of voters approving the proposition. Only 15 votes were cast in the precinct, which covers the Steiner Ranch area.

Among precincts with at least 100 votes cast, Travis County Precinct 212 saw the strongest support, with 75.07% of votes (548) cast in favor, and 24.93% (182) against. The precinct covers the Westlake area of Austin, including Westlake Drive and Toro Canyon Road.

Results by County

The City of Austin has precincts in Travis, Williamson and Hays Counties. Travis County voters split most heavily against Prop A, with almost 69% of ballots cast against. In Williamson County, a slim majority of the 6,525 votes were cast against Prop A. A majority of the 63 voters in Hays County supported the proposition.