AUSTIN (KXAN) — Former Austin City Council member Greg Casar coasted to victory in the Democratic primary for Texas Congressional District 35 Tuesday night, winning more than 60% of the vote.

KXAN projected Casar the winner just before 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The seat created a highly-contested race for Texas Democrats, after incumbent Rep. Lloyd Doggett chose to run in newly-drawn District 37. District 35 covers east and southeast Travis County and snakes down along Interstate 35 through Hays and Comal Counties, into San Antonio.

Along with Casar, State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, former San Antonio City Council member Rebecca Viagran and Carla-Joy Sisco, a consultant, contested the seat.

The map below shows which candidate received the most votes in each precinct in the district.

Casar’s strongest showing was in Travis County, where he won 72.59% of the vote and every single precinct in the county. His margin of victory was greatest in Precinct 102, where he won 87.89% of the 669 votes in the precinct. Precinct 102, in East Austin, is bounded by E. MLK Jr. Boulevard and E. 12th Street to the north and south, and Airport Boulevard and Chicon Street to the east and west. The area is close to his former Austin City Council district.

He also won 100% of the votes in Bexar Precincts 3140 and 4178, which combined had a total of three votes cast.

Meanwhile, former San Antonio City Council member Rebecca Viagran won 31 precincts in Bexar County and two in Comal County, performing best in Bexar Precinct 4184. She won two of the three votes in the precinct.

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez won Hays Precinct 218 and Bexar Precinct 4146, having received the only vote cast in each precinct. He also won a plurality of votes in Bexar Precinct 4142, taking 12 of the 32 votes cast there.

Carla-Joy Sisco won the most votes in Bexar Precinct 4111, claiming 7 of the 17 votes cast.

On the Republican side, things were much more crowded. At 11:55 p.m. Tuesday, KXAN projected Dan McQueen would advance to a runoff. At 2:04 a.m. Wednesday, KXAN projected Michael Rodriguez would join McQueen in the runoff.

The map below shows which candidate received the most votes in each precinct in the district.

McQueen performed best in Bexar County, winning more than a quarter of all votes there. He also won 50% of the votes in two precincts: Hays Precinct 217 and Travis Precinct 404. Only four votes were cast in each of those precincts.

Rodriguez’s strongest showing was in Hays County, where he won 24.73% of all votes and 24 of 39 precincts in which at least one vote was cast.

McQueen and Rodriguez will participate in the runoff election on May 24. Greg Casar is favored to win the district in the November general election.