AUSTIN (KXAN) — More than 300,000 Austinites cast their ballots in the city’s mayoral election, with State Rep. Celia Israel and State Sen. Kirk Watson advancing to a runoff.

Israel received the most votes of the six candidates on the ballot, but failed to reach the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff. She received 40% of the vote, while Watson received 35%.

Jennifer Virden came in a distant third, with about 18% of the vote.

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The map of results shows a clear east-west divide, with Israel winning the majority of precincts east of MoPac Expressway, while Watson and Virden won precincts further west. Watson also won precincts covering downtown Austin.

KXAN analyzed the results in all 255 precincts in which the mayoral race appeared on the ballot. Of those, at least one vote was cast in 243 precincts.

Israel’s strongest support was concentrated in much of north central and east Austin. She received a majority of votes in 50 precincts, most notably Travis County Precinct 312, where she received around 73% of the vote.

The precinct covers the University of Texas campus between Guadalupe Street and San Jacinto Boulevard.

Watson won an outright majority in 17 precincts, including Williamson County Precinct 317, where he won the only vote cast.

Of precincts with more than 100 votes cast, his strongest performance was in Travis County Precinct 231, which covers much of the Tarrytown neighborhood. Watson received 64% of the vote there.

While not advancing to the runoff election, Virden received a majority of votes in three precincts, all of which saw fewer than 20 votes cast in total.

Of precincts with more than 100 votes, her best showing was in Travis County Precinct 353. The area covers portions of southwest Austin between Barton Creek and Southwest Parkway. Virden received 44.2% of the vote in that precinct.

The vast majority of all votes in the mayoral election were cast in Travis County. Israel’s margin of victory in the county was more than 16,000 over Watson.

Watson did win the most votes in Williamson and Hays County, but the number of votes in both accounted for fewer than 5% of all votes cast in the election.

The runoff election between Israel and Watson is scheduled for Dec. 13.