AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters overwhelmingly passed a proposition to stop arrests for low-level marijuana offenses and ban the use of no-knock warrants by police.

Proposition A passed Saturday with 85.49% of the vote. The proposition formalizes a city policy that has been in place in 2020, when then-APD Chief Brian Manley announced officers would no longer cite or arrest people accused of misdemeanor marijuana offenses.

In total, 57,967 votes were cast in favor of Prop A across Hays, Travis and Williamson Counties, and 9,839 votes were cast against the measure.

KXAN analyzed voting results in 246 precincts within the city of Austin.

Of the 232 precincts in which at least one vote on Prop A was cast, 229 voted for the proposition. Only three precincts in the city voted against.

Among precincts with more than 100 votes cast, Travis County Precinct 427 voted most heavily for Prop A. In that precinct, 98.67% of votes (148) were for the proposition, and 1.33% (2) were against. The precinct lies in southeast Austin, and is bounded by E. Riverside Drive to the north, Montopolis Drive to the east, E. Oltorf Street to the south and S. Pleasant Valley Road to the west.

Four small precincts cast 100% of their votes in favor of Prop A. A total of 39 votes were cast in those four precincts combined.

In total, the ‘for’ vote was above 90% in 92 precincts. Prop A was approved by at least 80% of voters in a further 77 precincts.

In the three precincts that voted against Prop A, a total of 18 votes were cast: six in favor and 12 against.

Travis County Precinct 482 appears most prominently on the map above. The precinct, which includes Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, only saw one vote cast in the Prop A election. That voter voted against Prop A, thus the precinct appears dark red on the map.

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Results by County

The City of Austin has precincts in Travis, Williamson and Hays Counties.

Support for Prop A was strongest in Travis County, where 85.8% of ballots were cast in favor of the proposition. In total, more than 56,000 voters supported the proposition, while fewer than 10,000 voted against it.

In Williamson County, more than three-quarters of the 2,521 voters were cast in support of Prop A. In Hays County, six voters were cast in favor of the proposition, while five were cast against.