MANOR, Texas (KXAN) — Manor voters decided on the Nov. 7 election on a three-part bond package coming in for a total of $166.8 million. All three propositions passed.

As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, Proposition A and Proposition B passed, according to KXAN projections.

KXAN projected at 11:28 p.m. that Proposition C passed as well.

The first proposal, Proposition A, costs $15 million. The City of Manor will use those funds to build infrastructure for the growing city, such as water and sewer lines. This, in part, to attract potential businesses to Manor.

In an October interview, the economic development director for the City of Manor, Scott Jones, said multiple companies have approached the city about planting roots, many of them supporting industries to major tech companies in the area.

Prop B comes in at $61,695,000. The project will allow the city to build a recreation center and upgrade existing parks.

Prop C is the largest part of the bond package at $90,105,000. This project will allow Manor to consolidate multiple departments scattered throughout the city into a new city hall building. The project would also pay for the construction of a city library facility.