AUSTIN (KXAN) — Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott easily won reelection to a third term in the Nov. 8 election, defeating Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke by double digits.

Abbott received almost 55% of the statewide vote, to O’Rourke’s roughly 44%.

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KXAN looked at precinct-level results in our 15-county viewing area to get a better picture of how Central Texans voted.

O’Rourke performed strongly in cities like Austin and San Marcos, while Abbott racked up huge margins in more rural counties and precincts.

At this time, precinct-level results are not available in Gillespie, Lampasas, Mason, Milam and San Saba counties. The map will be updated when those results become available.

In the 10 counties with data available, at least one vote was cast in 639 precincts. Of those, O’Rourke won 419, while Abbott won 219. The two candidates tied in one precinct.

Abbott’s strongest performance was in Lee County Precinct 103, which covers the community of Loebau, where he received 95.68% of all votes cast.

In total, Abbott received a majority of votes in 173 precincts area-wide, including 63 in which he won more than 75% of the vote.

O’Rourke won a majority in 406 precincts across the region, 171 of which he won with at least 75% of votes cast.

His strongest result was in Travis County Precinct 104, where he received 93.86% of the vote. The precinct covers the Cherrywood neighborhood of east Austin.

Of the 15 counties in the KXAN viewing area, Abbott won 13 counties, while O’Rourke won two. The graphic below shows how many precincts each candidate won in each county.

Other than Travis County, Hays was the only local county to back O’Rourke. The county has become more favorable to Democrats in recent election cycles. This year, the party won nine out of 10 county races.

O’Rourke’s majorities in Hays and Travis counties were propelled by college students. In Travis County Precinct 312, which covers the University of Texas campus, he won 93.12% of the vote. Meanwhile in Hays County Precinct 140, home to the Texas State University campus, O’Rourke received 85% of all votes cast.

Abbott narrowly carried Williamson County, by less than a percentage point, as the county continues to flip between Democrats and Republicans at the top of the ticket. The county was won by Joe Biden in the 2022 presidential election and by Donald Trump in 2016.

Across the viewing area, O’Rourke received 526,286 votes, or 58.16% of the total. Abbott won 364,420 votes, 40.28% of the total.

Other candidates received 14,121 votes, 3.6% of the total vote in the region.