AUSTIN (KXAN) — By a slim margin, incumbent Ruben Becerra won the Hays County Judge race over Hays County Commissioner Mark Jones.

The Hays County Judge oversees the county’s governing body and the commissioners’ court, which makes decisions for the county. The judge’s term length is four years. 

Becerra received 44,214 votes (50.44%) and Jones got 43,439 (49.56%).

Both candidates have prioritized the fentanyl crisis, as some residents of Hays County have been affected by the drug. Becerra supports building a mental health facility, to understand why a person may “self-medicate.”

Mental health has been a top priority for Becerra during his time as County Judge. During his term he established a mental health center.

Another topic of interest for both candidates is the county’s growing population.

Jones acknowledges keeping up with the city’s growth but also maintaining support to preserve the small-town atmosphere.

Becerra wants to build in a way that best protects the environment. 

Sarah Al-Shaikh contributed to this report