AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two of Texas’ 15 primary runoffs for the U.S. House are for the Democrats who will face off against Republican incumbents in the November general election.

Both districts — D10 and D31 — cover parts of Central Texas. The Democrats vying to represent those districts did not receive more than 50% of votes in the primary, which is why they’re facing off in a runoff election Tuesday.

District 10

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul won his primary in March and will face the winner of Tuesday’s Democratic primary runoff. He has served as a Congressman for Texas since 2005 and was the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Siegel earned 54.2% of votes to Gandhi’s 48.2%.

Pritesh Gandhi conceded the race against Mike Siegel shortly before 10 p.m. and said he planned to call Siegel to congratulate him.

Siegel tweeted, “We did it!”

“This is the result of years of work by an unstoppable coalition that reflects the incredible diversity of this district,” he said. “We are running on progressive policies that meet the needs of this moment. Now let’s finish the job!”

Siegel received 35,651 votes (43.99%) in the primary while Gandhi received 26,818 votes (33.09%).

Gandhi is a doctor and Siegel is a civil rights lawyer who used to be a teacher.

Siegel held a virtual watch party on Facebook ahead of polls closing, with plans to return as results come in. Gandhi also hosted a brief update on Facebook as well.

Texas Congressional District 10 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)

District 17

Both Democrats and Republicans had runoffs for the District 17 race. They’ll fill the seat Rep. Bill Flores held before retiring last year. The district encompasses part of north Austin and northern Travis County and also includes Waco and College Station.

Pete Sessions and Renee Swann ran for the Republican spot, with Sessions being called as the winner just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. Sessions is a former Congressman from the Dallas area who lost his seat in 2018. Swann is a businesswoman who currently co-owns an eye surgery business, and is endorsed by Flores.

Sessions won the bid with 53.5% of the vote. Swann earned 46.5%.

Rick Kennedy beat David Anthony Jaramillo and will represent the Democrats. Kennedy is a project manager from Pflugerville and Jaramillo is a Marine veteran from Waco.

Kennedy topped the race with 13,339 votes for 57.3% and Jaramillio earned 9,949 votes for 42.7%.

Texas Congressional District 17 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)
Texas Congressional District 17 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)

District 31

Rep. John Carter, who has represented Texas in Congress since 2003, won his primary and will challenge the winner of the Democratic runoff.

Christine Eady Mann conceded the race at 10:16 p.m., congratulating Donna Imam in a tweet.

Family physician Christine Mann received 34.7% or 24,145 votes in the primary and Donna Imam, who has years of experience in the tech industry, received 30.69% or 21,352 votes.

In the runoff, however, it was Imam emerging as the winner with 20,884 votes for 58.6% to Mann’s 43.4% (15,991 votes).

KXAN recently learned Dr. Mann received a $28,000 loan through a federal program designed to help struggling small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mann has since said her grassroots campaign was hit financially during the pandemic. In addition, as a front-line doctor, she was not able to fundraise in ways she previously had, and wanted to ensure her staff continued to receive a livable wage.

Imam says she hopes to use her engineering perspective to tackle large-scale healthcare issues. For example, scaling up the contact tracing that tech companies are doing during this pandemic.

“We need people in Congress that understand technology depth and financial understanding to be able to use technology as a cost-effective solution,” Imam said.

Both Mann and Imam’s platforms emphasized healthcare reform.

Texas Congressional District 31 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)
Texas Congressional District 31 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)

District 35

William Hayward and Jenny Sharon are running to represent the Republicans in the general election for District 35 against incumbent Democrat Lloyd Doggett.

Sharon captured the election with 4,111 votes (53.1%) to Hayward’s 3,634 (46.9%).

Texas U.S. House District 35 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)
Texas Congressional District 35 (Texas Department of Transportation Photo)