AUSTIN (KXAN) — Data shows voting is off to a slow start in Central Texas, with less than 10% of registered voters casting their ballots in Travis County, at the conclusion of early voting.

Republican and Democratic voters are choosing which candidates will represent them in the November midterm elections. Early voting in the primary elections kicked off Feb. 14, with Election Day on March 1.

KXAN is keeping track of turnout across the area. In Travis County, daily figures released by the county clerk show 82,376 ballots were cast early out of 859,400 registered voters. That’s a turnout of 9.59%. The chart below shows the turnout in other counties in the KXAN viewing area.

Which party is getting out the vote?

Unsurprisingly, turnout in Travis County leans heavily Democratic. Approximately 71.5% of all ballots cast early in the county were in the Democratic primary. Here’s a look at the party breakdown in other counties in the KXAN viewing area.

The map below shows how many people have voted in the Democratic and Republican primaries in Travis County by precinct. Click on a precinct for specific data.

Here’s a look at how many people have voted in each primary statewide:

Around 1.65 million Texans voted early, according to data from the Texas Secretary of State. That’s a turnout of 9.61%. More than 15.5 million eligible voters have not yet cast a ballot.

Turnout by County over Time

The charts below show how many people voted each day in counties within the KXAN viewing area.