CEDAR PARK, TEXAS (KXAN) — Cedar Park voters will have $158.8 million in decisions on their May 7 ballot.

Voters will choose whether to approve three propositions for transportation, park and public safety projects to accommodate the growing community. The bond is broken into three propositions based on project type.

The total 2022 program includes $86.6 million for transportation projects, $42.2 million for parks and recreation projects and $30 million for a public safety project. Voters will approve each proposition as a sum amount for each project type, but the specific projects can change over time based on need.

In Proposition A, transportation projects might include: 

  • Whitestone Boulevard at 183A Toll Innovative Intersection improvements
  • New Hope Drive at 183A Toll innovative intersection improvements design
  • Major roads resurfacing
  • Neighborhood roads resurfacing
  • Turn lane improvements
  • Bike and pedestrian improvements
  • Anderson Mill Road phase 2
  • Toro Grande North extension
  • New Hope Drive expansion from Whitestone Boulevard (RM 1431) to Lakeline Boulevard
  • Lakeline Boulevard repair and safety improvements from the February 2021 winter storm. 
  • Ronald Reagan Boulevard expansion design
  • Traffic signal Improvements

In Proposition B, park projects might include: 

  • Trail improvements
  • Lakeline Park phase 2
  • Brushy Creek Sports Park athletic field turf improvements
  • Veterans Park Pool expansion

In Proposition C, the $30 million public safety project would be the first phase of a public safety training facility for the police, fire and emergency management departments. It will also serve as the emergency operations center for disasters and emergencies, which does not currently exist, according to the city. These departments previously trained at various locations.

Additional project information can be viewed on the Cedar Park 2022 bond website

The 2022 bond package was created with the help of a 15-member Bond Advisory Task Force of Cedar Park citizens. The group sifted through an initial $200 million capital project list and narrowed the projects down to create a bond recommendation for council member consideration. 

The total bond cost includes added funds for cost escalation, inflation and insurance costs, according to the city. The cost in today’s dollars would have otherwise cost $125.3 million. In January, city finance director Kent Meredith said “a cost escalation was applied to determine the future costs.”

The city expects to complete the 2022 bond programs in five to seven years, according to the city. The general obligation bonds will be completed in several issuances. Bonds are repaid through property tax revenues. This will not require a tax rate increase, according to the city. 

Election Day is May 7 with voting times from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Cedar Park voters will also elect its mayor and three other council members for Places 2, 4 and 6. Cedar Park council candidates are listed online.