AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters decided to provide funding for a number of projects to help people get around, with the passage of Proposition B.

Proposition B proposed a provision $460 million for transportation infrastructure such as 78 miles of new and ADA-accessible sidewalks, urban trails, bikeways, safe routes to school and improvements for substandard streets.

Prop. B passed with 274,010 (67.1%) votes in favor and 134,543 (32.9%) votes opposed.

The plan also aims to increase transportation safety under the city’s “Vision Zero” plan. This would reduce transportation dangers by reconstructing intersections, installing speed mitigation projects on approximately 70 street segments, and improving pedestrian crossing areas.

Proponents of the proposition argue this plan will ensure that neighborhoods have the basic amenities that are standard in other cities, such as sidewalks.

Opponents argue that the city already has plenty of unspent bond money for transportation, so more is not needed.