AUSTIN (KXAN) — Early voting began Monday and one thing you’ll find on the Austin ballot is the Austin Independent School District bond package.

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The district is hoping to spend $2.44 billion to improve aging facilities and add new modernized schools. AISD would also add new technology and new athletic facilities if the bond passes.

Voters will see three propositions on the ballot:

  • Proposition A: General Purpose ($2,316,025,000)
  • Proposition B: Technology ($75,541,000)
  • Proposition C: Stadiums ($47,434,000)

Why is the district calling for a bond election?

Aging facilities are costing the district millions of dollars in repairs. AISD said the money could be going toward teachers and staff. New facilities could also attract more students and teachers to the district.

What is the total amount of the bond and how will it be broken down?

The proposed bond package is $2,439,000,000. The majority of the money will go toward school modernization projects, security improvements and other upgrades.

What will voters see on the ballot?

Voters will see three propositions on the ballot. Prop A, which is $2,316,025,000, will go toward facility upgrades and modernization projects. Prop B, which is $75,541,000, would fund technology upgrades and infrastructure improvements. Prop C, which is $47,434,000, would fund improvements to Nelson Field, Burger Athletic Complex, Delco Activity Center and Noack Sports Complex.

What will facilities look like if the bond passes?

The bond prioritizes safety and security improvements across the district as well as addressing HVAC, leaking roofs and plumbing. Students and teachers have had to deal with hot classrooms and leaking roofs. If passed, 25 schools would be modernized which would reduce maintenance costs.

How would taxpayers be impacted?

The proposed bond package is expected to raise the debt service portion of the school tax rate by 1 cent per $100 in taxable value.

What happens if the bond doesn’t pass?

Earlier in the year, the district eliminated about 600 positions to help increase teacher pay, but if the bond doesn’t pass AISD says they could have to make more cuts. AISD says moving forward any additional impacts or cuts would probably impact the student experiences.

When would projects begin?

If passed, smaller projects would begin in summer of 2023. In December 2024 the district plans on adding modernized elementary schools. Every August after that they plan to begin work on new schools.

According to AISD, the proposed bond package is expected to raise the debt service portion of the school tax rate by 1 cent per $100 in taxable value.