Woman whose mother died shamed for not having Christmas decorations

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VACAVILLE (KRON) – A North Bay woman has been shamed by her neighbors for not decorating her house for the holidays this year.

She lives on a street visited by tens of thousands of people every December. It’s called Lollipop Lane, and residents usually go all-out with lights and decorations.

Lyndia Zarra, who lives right in the middle of Lollipop Lane, couldn’t bring herself to do it this year — but it wasn’t a lack of Christmas spirit that kept her from participating in the tradition she used to love. Her mom, Sherri, died from cancer in October, and they used to team up on the yearly decorations. In the last few years, they built and hand painted Disney-themed wood cutouts.

To make a difficult time of year even more painful, Zarra received an anonymous letter Thursday, written to “THE SCROOGES AMONG US.” The letter called living on Lollipop Lane an “honor and a privilege” and said not decorating is “completely unacceptable.”

“It is extremely disrespectful, rude and selfish to not decorate a house on these two special and unique streets for the holidays,” the letter said. “And tens of thousands of people wish all the Scrooges would not destroy our cities (sic) traditions for their own selfish reasons.”

“To think that it’s their place to police a voluntarily decorated street and then to call me out without even knowing why or caring why,” Zarra said in response.

Kathy lives across the street from Zarra, and received a similar letter years ago for not decorating and is tired of the pressure Lollipop Lane creates.

“It’s not a ‘responsibility,’ because there’s no obligation to do it,” she said, adding that she planned to skip decorating next year.Another neighbor added that whoever wrote that letter is missing the whole point of Christmas spirit.

Someone sent a woman an anonymous letter, shaming her for not putting up Christmas decorations (KRON Photo)

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