GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Staff, leaders and volunteers celebrated the official opening of the Williamson County Child Advocacy Center’s new facility Friday afternoon. The upgrade in space is expected to help the agency grow its educational and support resources for children and families.

Kerrie Stannell, CEO of the WCCAC, along with other local, county and state leaders, addressed a large crowd outside the new facility.

She thanked those in attendance for their tireless devotion to the WCCAC’s mission of supporting children who have survived abuse, trauma, or other crimes.

Such services include aiding with forensic interviews, providing mental health services for children, as well as educational programs for families.

Stannell said the project was only made possible with the help of multiple local agencies, such as the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, multiple city chambers of commerce and Williamson County.

“It was so inspiring to have so many people show up. We’ve had great investment from the county, from law enforcement, from our District Attorney. So it was really meaningful to get to this point to have this fantastic facility to be able to serve families in such a better way,” Stannell said.

Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick said crimes against children are some of the cases that most often come through his office. Particularly with sexual crimes against children.

Dick said the expanded resources of the WCCAC will be a light to even more children and families often going through an incredibly difficult time.

“The individuals that work here really do see some of the worst of the worst crimes, but they do it with such an amazing spirit of hope and healing. And they really do make a difference not only in that child’s life but in the case,” Dick said.