WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A deadly crash on U.S. 183 near Saratoga Springs Drive in Williamson County has residents pleading for something to be done to make the stretch of road safer. The speed limit on the four-lane highway is 70 mph and there is currently no turn lane for people heading onto Saratoga Springs Drive.

“It’s very dangerous turning into the neighborhood,” said Melvin Everett, who worries about someone hitting him every time he turns onto the street. “Our concern has always been there are no stop signs and no lights to stop people from running into the back of you.”

The sudden deaths of a 10-year-old girl and her 15-year-old brother Wednesday night on the road has sparked community outcry. Police said an alleged drunk driver plowed into the back of the car they were riding in as the car waited to turn onto Saratoga Springs Drive. A mother and two of her sons, 16- and 12 years old, are still in the hospital in critical condition.

A Williamson County commissioner agrees the stretch of road is dangerous.

“When you have to stop in order to wait for oncoming traffic, to clear where you can turn left…you are in a dangerous situation,” said Commissioner Cynthia Long. She has reached out to Texas Department of Transportation officials and local lawmakers, requesting more funding so turn lanes or traffic signals can be installed. “Any life is one too many. So anything we can do to improve safety of the roadways, we need to be trying to do that.”

There have been four crashes this year on the stretch of highway five miles north and south of Saratoga Springs Drive. There were 19 crashes in 2013, and 32 last year.