GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — As tree limbs drop from the weight of heavy ice, a local tree trimmer said it is too late to prune live oaks and cedar trees to prevent more from falling in the next freeze. That’s thanks to a pesky beetle.

John Macuk, owner of Arbor Oaks Tree Professionals, said Feb. 1 through July 1 is when invasive, sap-feasting beetles are out and about.

Because they can transmit oak wilt from one tree to the next, trimmers typically abstain from cutting those types of trees over the spring and early summer months, Macuk said.

As those trees are common throughout Central Texas, he said it is likely more will break if and when the next winter freeze happens. He suggests tree owners to trim them as soon as they can in July.

“We actually go in, we clean out all the dead wood, we really focus on tightening up your canopy. Typically people can get about two to three years before they need to do it again. And things are getting too close to the house or too heavy,” said Macuk.

Matthew Zenisek of Georgetown had a large tree branch fall on his car Wednesday morning.

He said he was warned by his father that morning to move his car but thought nothing would happen. Now he said he is waiting to see once the ice thaws if his first trip post-freeze will be to the autobody shop.

“I personally do wish I moved it now,” Zenisek said.