AUSTIN (KXAN) — While young fawns are cute, it’s better to leave them be, the Cedar Park Police Department said in a social media post.

“Young fawns may be alone for hours while their parents search for food,” the post said. “Our Animal Control Officers have received several calls of people picking up or removing fawns from their habitat. If you care, leave them there!”

There are approximately four million white-tailed deer living in Texas. They are often solitary animals and can be found in herds ranging in various sizes, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Deer fawning season begins in early to mid-May, and a doe may leave her fawn for hours at a time while looking for food, per TPWD.

TPWD said to leave all young animals alone unless it is obviously injured or orphaned. If you are concerned, it is good to observe the animal from a distance to make a determination, per TPWD.

CPPD said to call (512) 260-4622 before touching or moving any wildlife.