WACO, Texas — A large part of the holiday season is decorating one’s home with lights, trees, garland, and possibly even some inflatable’s.

But how can you take some precautionary steps to make sure you’ll be safe when heading up to the roof to hang those decorations?

“Have somebody with you. Obviously that way, somebody can hold the ladder and the latter is not going to slide out from underneath you or anything like that,” the Temple Fire and Rescue Public Education Officer Santos Soto said. “As they’re going along and they get ready to set that ladder up, make sure there’s nothing up above them, no overhead wires or anything like that that they could hit that ladder. And, you know, just above all, be cautious with what they’re doing as.”

Officer Soto also said that if you are looking for extension cords to use outside, make sure to check the tag when purchasing to make sure they are equipped for outdoor use.

He also explained that if you are going to use lights on a real tree, make sure they don’t get too hot.

“For those live trees, you know, obviously you don’t want to leave the lights and stuff plugged in, running non-stop all night long,” he said. “You want to make sure that you’re turning those off and then that way those don’t really build up that much heat.”

Soto ended by saying that if you are planning to use real candles, make sure to extinguish them whenever going to bed or leaving the home and to keep them away from other decorations.

“Place that candle holder or that candle itself in a place where it’s not going to be near something that’s going to be able to catch on fire any other decorations that they may be putting out or anything like that any of those garlands that you were talking about,” he said. “Make sure that we keep those flames away from that type of stuff.”

He also wanted everyone to check their smoke alarms so if there is an issue this holiday season, you will be aware.