The fabled Nintendo Playstation is real and the bidding for it is powering up

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Nintendo Playstation

The fabled Nintendo Playstation exists and is up for auction. (Photo taken from Heritage Auctions.)

(KXAN) — The phrase “Nintendo Playstation” sounds like something a parent, clueless about video games, might say to their child. Or maybe it sounds like some legend told by that kid down the block whose uncle “totally works at Nintendo.”

However, this may come as a shock, but the Nintendo Playstation is 100% real, Forbes reports.

Long ago, in the annals of video game lore, before Sony and Nintendo were direct competitors, the two companies held a short-lived partnership. The byproduct of this union was the Nintendo Playstation.

The hybrid device shares distinct similarities from both the Super Nintendo and the Sony Playstation. It has a slot for Nintendo like cartridges as well as a CD-ROM drive. It also sports controllers nearly identical to those from the Super Nintendo. The device was also meant to play music with a small screen on top to display the current song.

The unit is currently up for auction, and the bids are skyrocketing. Of the 200 made, this is believed to be the only one available to the public. Allegedly, the other consoles were all destroyed.

The current highest bid at $360,000 was made by Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey.

How will this end? Will more video game moguls like Gabe Newell or Markus Perrson jump into the fight? Or maybe — just maybe — Nintendo will surprise everyone and reclaim their long lost console.

Heritage Auctions will reveal a reserve price on Feb. 27 and the bidding will finally close on March 6.

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