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PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (AP) — The popular Cape Cod resort of Provincetown declared a sewer emergency Thursday, ordering restaurants and other food establishments to close immediately along a section of its bustling waterfront.

Provincetown officials said in a Facebook post that residential property on the affected sewer system must also reduce water use, including flushing toilets only “when absolutely necessary.”

Officials said that all public restrooms will also be shuttered Thursday and Friday and that portable toilets will be provided.

They said the sewer shutdown, coming during the peak summer season, was necessary to prevent a further public health emergency.

Thunderstorms this week brought “larger than normal wastewater volume” into the sewer system, causing overflows and damage.

“We need to drastically reduce flow to allow the critical repair work in order to get the town back to full capacity,” town officials said in their statement. “We are estimating that we need up to 48 hours to make the repairs and get the system back to normal.”