(KTVX) — It never hurts to have a little luck on your side, right?

There are tons of superstitions — a lucky penny, crossing your fingers, not washing your jersey until your team is in the playoffs.

But which superstitions are most common in your state? A new report based on Google search data shows the most popular superstitions for each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Throwing salt over your shoulder was the most common superstition for 17 states. Six states most frequently searched “bad luck comes in threes.”

The report shows a third-place tie for two terms: “lucky rabbit’s foot” and “Friday the 13th.”

Florida was the only state to report that its top superstition is a ladybug landing on you, while Massachusetts was the only one whose top superstition is a four-leaf clover.

In addition to the most common superstitions by state, the report also outlined how many Americans are superstitious — 65%, in fact. When it comes to good luck versus bad luck, 83% believe they’ve experienced good luck while only 50% say they’ve experienced bad luck, according to the report.

Here’s a look at the most common superstitions in each state:

Alabama: Throw salt over shoulder

Alaska: Throw salt over shoulder

Arizona: Owls are bad omen

Arkansas: Throw salt over shoulder

California: Lucky pennies

Colorado: Friday the 13th

Connecticut: Throw salt over shoulder

Delaware: Throw salt over shoulder

Washington, D.C.: Friday the 13th

Florida: Ladybug landing on you

Georgia: Good luck ladybug

Hawaii: Throw salt over shoulder

Idaho: Throw salt over shoulder

Illinois: Good luck horseshoe

Indiana: Lucky rabbit’s foot

Iowa: Lucky pennies

Kansas: Throw salt over shoulder

Kentucky: Throw salt over shoulder

Louisiana: Lucky rabbit’s foot

Maine: Throw salt over shoulder

Maryland: Throw salt over shoulder

Massachusetts: Four-leaf clover

Michigan: Lucky prime numbers

Minnesota: Friday the 13th

Mississippi: Lucky rabbit’s foot

Missouri: Lucky prime numbers

Montana: Bad luck comes in threes

Nebraska: Bad luck comes in threes

Nevada: Lucky prime numbers

New Hampshire: Bad luck comes in threes

New Jersey: Good luck ladybug

New Mexico: Lucky prime numbers

New York: Black cat crosses path

North Carolina: Black cat crosses path

North Dakota: Throw salt over shoulder

Ohio: Throw salt over shoulder

Oklahoma: Owls are bad omen

Oregon: Owls are bad omen

Pennsylvania: Good luck ladybug

Rhode Island: Throw salt over shoulder

South Carolina: Black cat crosses path

South Dakota: Bad luck comes in threes

Tennessee: Friday the 13th

Texas: Lucky pennies

Utah: Throw salt over shoulder

Vermont: Bad luck comes in threes

Virginia: Friday the 13th

Washington: Lucky rabbit’s foot

West Virginia: Throw salt over shoulder

Wisconsin: Bad luck comes in threes

Wyoming: Throw salt over shoulder

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching (March 17), you just may get a boost of luck. According to the study, 34% of respondents think the day is a lucky one. And it can’t hurt to wear green that day since the study found that 60% say they wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s considered lucky to wear green to celebrate Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, and failing to do so could get you pinched, according to tradition.