DENVER (KDVR) — A new book titled “Kissing the Coronavirus,” described as “a steamy tale about forbidden love,” is quickly gaining international attention.

The book, a debut novel by M.J. Edwards, was released April 22 and only has 16 pages.

Edwards wrote the book, labeled as “viral erotica,” after losing her job in an “attempt at trying to pay the bills.”

It is only sold as a digital copy through Amazon. Here is an excerpt:

She was supposed to cure the Coronavirus.
Instead … she fell in love with it.

Dr. Alexa Ashingtonford is a part of a crack team of scientists tasked with finding the cure to the devastating Coronavirus. Little did she know she would end up falling in love with it, in this steamy viral-erotica.

“Kissing Coronavirus” has received more than 170 reviews on Amazon.

“Yes, I still gave it 5 stars. Do not go into this expecting a good read, either story or writing. You absolutely have to go into this expecting it to be worse than you imagine it will be and ready to laugh. The fact that it was so bad it made me laugh like crazy is why I rated it so high,” shared a verified purchaser.

Another reviewer wrote, “I usually don’t read anything like this. However, I had friends read it and the title alone was what made me get it. Now I know Covid-19 has taken a lot of lives. Its nothing to make fun of our joke about. In light of all that. You sometimes need to find humor in things when a pandemic is actually happening. 2020 alone will be remembered for years to come.”