ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — A fire at the Terrastone Travesia apartments dealt uncertainty to the 21 tenants it displaced Tuesday. Among them are people who lost everything and are now recovering with help from friends and neighbors.

Olivia Burke lived at the complex for two years before the fire. She was at work when her fiancé called several times in a row, which Burke says is uncharacteristic.

She hurriedly called him back and learned that their building was on fire. She rushed home to see billowing smoke and bright orange flames.

Burke says the couple is temporarily staying at a home owned by a family friend, but with one less furry family member — She says their dog, Aria, has been missing since the fire broke out.

Rushed by the fire, not all of the pets could safely be taken out of the home.

Burke did learn that Aria’s kennel was empty after the fire, and she’s hopeful for the best.

“We just hope she got out,” Burke said.

After the fire, Burke’s employer started a GoFundMe page that raised more than $6,000 for her and her fiancé. Although the couple may be starting over – they’re not starting alone.

“It’s made losing everything better because you realize the most important thing are people and love,” Burke said.

Also at the complex during the fire was tenant Harish Vaddiraju. He said he was asleep when the sound of nearby fire alarms woke him up.

Once out of the apartment, Vaddiraju said he noticed the fire was on the other side of his building. Seeing this, he ran back inside to save what he could.

He’s staying with friends at the same complex while he waits for insurance adjusters to assess the damage to his unit. Vaddiraju estimates things may be a total loss due to water damage from the firefight.

“I went back and got all my stuff. I’m just glad everybody got out safe,” Vaddiraju said.

Vaddiraju and other tenants KXAN spoke with say renters insurance is mandatory to rent at the complex.

Sean Burgess, chief claims officer for Lemonade (an online renter’s insurance company), says most insurance policies for renters cover fire-related damage.

Before disaster strikes, Burgess says it’s best to keep a record of personal items and their value in an list or a picture library on a phone; This can help get renters back on their feet quicker.

“Whether lost through fire, water or theft, just having that documentation with a list or pictures will get the insurance process moving a lot more quickly,” Burgess said.