BOULDER CITY, Nev. (KXAN) — Sparks can fly at city council meetings when a hot topic is brought up, but at a recent Boulder City, Nev., meeting the sparks turned into fire.

In the middle of Tuesday’s meeting, a battery inside a woman’s purse exploded and caught fire. The woman was sitting directly behind a man speaking at a podium, which was being recorded city cameras.

When the purse caught fire, the woman immediately threw the purse off of her lap. The purse was hot enough to singe the carpet and also left burn marks on the sidewalk outside. The woman suffered minor burns.

The city’s fire chief says while a battery was to blame, it wasn’t the woman’s cellphone that caused the fire. Fire departments across the country are also warning people about the dangers of phone chargers. In several cases, fire departments say people charging a tablet of phone on a bed or under a pillow can be extremely dangerous.