MACOMB COUNTY, Michigan (WDIV) —  Jessica Preston said it was the most terrifying day of her life when she was forced to give birth to her son on the floor of a cell at Michigan’s Macomb County Jail.

It’s a personal story that’s hard for her to tell. Preston adores her baby boy, Elijha, but she had been keeping the details of his birth a secret out of embarrassment. Now, she can’t keep it quiet anymore.

“I wouldn’t want that happening to my worst enemy, anybody else, and that’s why I am telling this story,” Preston said. “I would never want it happening to anyone ever again.”

It was a dangerous delivery that never would have happened if jail medical staff members would have taken Preston to the hospital. Preston told the staff three times that she was having her baby, but they didn’t believe her and made her go back to her cell.

“I pushed him out right on the floor. At this point, I was just in complete shock. I could not believe that it had just happened that way.”

Elijha was born a month early and weighed less than 5 pounds.

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