Numerous showers and storms fired up Sunday morning, leading to a brief tornado in western Williamson County.

At approximately 8:30 a.m. Sunday, the National Weather Service Austin/San Antonio received a call about debris from a nearby rotating storm in western Williamson County. The radar confirmed a weak couplet, and the NWS triggered a tornado warning immediately after.

By 8:34 a.m., the Leander Fire Department confirmed tornado debris. The Leander Police Department says the tornado was spotted along Hero Way east of US Highway 183A to Palmera Ridge, covering just a few miles.

KXAN Viewer Dylan Brewer was in his third-floor balcony that faces US 183A and Hero Way when he spotted the formation and started recording it on his phone.

The National Weather Service surveyed the area Sunday morning and said it was an EF1 tornado based on roof and tree damage spotted in the tornado’s path.

Leander Fire Chief Bill Gardner told KXAN that there were three homes with minor damage, including some downed fences and trees. There were no reported injuries or loss of livestock.

“I woke up to wild wind and hail,” said Andrew Thompson. “By the time I got up and tried to figure out what was going on, I just looked out the window and saw things flying down the street.”

Thompson pointed out that the house under construction next door, which had been framed, was knocked over.

He also says his family never got any type of alerts, which they normally would have received on their phones.

“We checked to see if there was a National Weather Service alert or a public alert for a tornado and there was not,” Thompson said. “Only until about five or 10 minutes after it passed did I get the alert.”

A spokesperson with the City of Leander said he lives near where the tornado hit and he got an alert.  He said one reason some families may not have gotten one could be because they’re in a new neighborhood.

He said the city will be looking into it in the coming days.

Leander Residents on the Lack of Alerts

View from SH 29 and Ronald Reagan Boulevard