VIDEO: The truth about hangovers


WACO, Texas (KPRC) There are lots of myths surrounding hangovers, and just a bit of scientific truth.

“Typically the darker the liquor, the worse the hangover because of what’s called congeners,” said Dr. Spencer Greene, director of medical toxicology at Baylor College of Medicine.

Congeners, which come from the ageing process, darken the liquor in large amounts. Basically, that means darker liquor could make you feel worse the next day.

“The alcohols with fewer congeners include things like: vodka, gin, wine and then some of the worst offenders are: whiskey, bourbon, scotch, brandy, cognac,” Greene said.

Greene said vodka, for example, has a fraction of the congeners that are in whiskey. Tequila has more than that.

“Then some people will make margaritas not with tequila but with things like Everclear,” Greene said. “There are famous restaurants that have the high potency margaritas that are made with grain alcohol and they can cause pretty profound inebriation and subsequently hangovers.”

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