AUSTIN (KXAN) — Monday marks three weeks since the Memorial Day flooding. A raging Shoal Creek flooded parts of North Lamar in central Austin, damaging House Park and several businesses.

Just as businesses are getting cleaned up, more rain is on the way.

“We are open.” That’s what businesses on North Lamar want people to know.

“A lot of people see the pictures of the water and the depth of the water, and they think that this whole area is going to be shut down for quite a while,” said Shoal Creek Saloon owner, Ray Canfield, “But you know, there’s some resilience here, and people fight real hard to get back.”

Shoal Creek Saloon, situated right along the creek, felt the blows of the flood waters.

“[The water] got to be a certain depth, and it blew this wall out,” Canfield said, showing us the section of wall on the front of the building. “It sent a tidal wave into the restaurant.”

Canfield shared surveillance video cameras inside captured. Once the water was swirling inside, it tore down another wall. The flooded creek filled and nearly swallowed the back patio.

Despite the damage, Canfield was able to get the place cleaned up, make repairs, and re-open within five days.

On Sunday, the back patio was filled with people, and the only thing flowing was beer from the tap. It had started to feel like normal again.

While Shoal Creek Saloon and a handful of other businesses on North Lamar are up and running, that’s not the case for everyone. Other businesses are still trying to bounce back.

Signs are posted on doors letting people know, and boarded up windows remind people how bad the flood was.

And the rain–started falling again Sunday. It’s hard not to worry.

“We’re a little freaked out,” said Canfield. “We knew the big one was coming, and there’s probably a bigger one coming down the road, and we’re just trying to prepare for all of it.”

He says they rebuilt the walls with extra reinforcement, and they use materials on the inside that can withstand the water.