BASTROP, Texas (KXAN) — For the past two years, Aaron Olmsted has had a dash camera mounted in his car. He says he has it because he drives a quick car and the camera comes in handy in certain situations.

But early Friday morning was the first time his camera ever captured a fireball streak across the sky in Bastrop. Olmsted and his wife were driving back to their Bastrop home from the Austin airport around midnight when they noticed the bright light.

“We both spotted it,” says Olmstead. “My wife was driving, and I was in the passenger seat and we both saw it and we were both amazed.”

The couple said they’re not sure if anyone else saw what they saw because it was late and there weren’t that many people driving on State Highway 71 in Bastrop at the time.

“We were basically the only ones on the road last night and it just fell right in front of us. It was real quick,” says Olmstead. “I didn’t know if it were space junk or a meteor because it exploded at the end. It almost did a firework thing at the very end.”

Olmsted says the fireball was a bright white, but right before it exploded it turned a reddish-orange.

If you’re watching the video, you might notice the time stamp indicates the video was filmed in October of 2016, but there’s a reason for that. Olmsted says the Rexing dash camera was new. “My dash camera came in just before I went on the trip, so, I didn’t have time to set the date on it.”