PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A Pflugerville family got an unwanted Thanksgiving surprise when they arrived home that night.

Erika Guzman and her family got home around 9 p.m. Thursday. They left Wednesday evening to go visit family for the holidays.

“We just opened the garage and pulled in, we walk inside and my husband, he came this way and he noticed the damage to the door, pieces of the door were on the floor,” Guzman said.

After noticing the cracked and broken front door, Guzman checked the home surveillance video. It shows two cars pulling up in front of her house, a man walks up to the front door, you see him jumping back, which looks like an attempt to kick open the door and seconds later he runs back to the car and takes off.

Guzman believes he ran off because the alarm went off. She said is even more frightened because of the boldness of the burglar. The home has a clear marked sign near the door, showing there is an alarm system. There were also two cars in the driveway at the time of the burglary.

“If we were home and my daughter was here, what could he have done,” said Guzman.

Pflugerville Police expect to see even more burglaries during the holiday season. There is an incentive to install surveillance cameras.

Some insurance companies like Farmers, AllState and State Farm, will give you discounts on your homeowners insurance if you install certain security devices like cameras.

Guzman is glad she has her cameras, and is still keeping a closer eye on the neighborhood.

Last week, police in New Braunfels launched a registration program for people who have security cameras. Investigators want to know how many of the cameras there are and where they are located so they can quickly pull video after a crime. They say video from security cameras have helped solve a number of crimes, including a murder from a few years ago.