HOUSTON (KIAH) — Sgt. M. J. Gonzalez of Cypress, Texas was a solider and even more.

Known as Marty Gonzalez to friends and family, he was a Marine, Husband and Father to four amazing Children. While serving in Iraq he rescued several of his fellow Marines, during heavy fire fighting in Fallujah. Shot numerous times and even breaking his back, he still didn’t stop saving lives.

His heroism and sacrifice even garnered him several purple hearts and more.

His service to help others didn’t end with his battles overseas. He continued to help others, especially fellow Marines, impacted by PTSD, just like himself. CW39’s Sharron Melton talks with his widow Tawnee Gonzalez about who Marty was, the struggles he faced every day, and the legacy this young Veteran now leaves behind.

Tawnee Gonzalez also says, that in October of 2021, VFW POST 8905 IN Cypress, Texas was renamed Sgt. “M.J.” Gonzalez Marine Corp League Detachment 1485, in honor of Marty.

Sgt. M. J. “Marty” Gonzalez (Courtesy: Tawnee Gonzalez)