AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two days on the job and the new student body president for the University of Texas at Austin is already making her mark.

Meet Alejandrina Guzman — a senior studying government and Mexican American Studies.

She’s the first Latina to hold the position, and she’s the first disabled student body president in the entire Big 12.

She and her vice president, Micky Wolf, won in a close run-off election with about 54 percent of the vote.

Guzman said she was not a fan of student government her freshman year, but during her sophomore year, a friend talked her into running.

She ended up winning and realized you can make a difference.

“Being able to give that empowerment and being able to give that hope to students and say, ‘Look, what you’re going through is valid. It’s absolutely valid, and we can also move forward together and make UT a better place for all of us,’” she said.

So what will she tackle first? Accessibility.

Guzman said that at a school as well-known and big as UT, it should be a priority.