AUSTIN (KXAN) — A lot of people are talking about the Longhorns.

On Friday, charter buses could be seen all over West Campus as students packed up and headed out to the Red River Rivalry.

The last time the two rivals entered the game ranked as high as this was in 2019 when No. 6 Oklahoma beat No. 11 Texas.

This year Texas is ranked no. 3 and OU is ranked no. 12.

“Last year we blew them out 49-0 and we are going to have the momentum going into this year too,” said Alex Tran, a Longhorn fan.

“It is a tradition here at UT, but this year we are 5 and 0 we are really ready for it,” said Cailey Chavez, who was about to board a bus to Dallas.

Local bars and restaurant are also seeing the benefits of the Longhorns winning.

“We will be full by 11,” said Daniel Young, Dirty Martin’s general manager.

Young said people always have watched games at Dirty’s, but during down years the crowds can get smaller.

“Maybe 5 to 6 years ago we had a little trouble filling this place up,” he said.

That is not the case now as business is booming on game days.

“September was actually the best month in out 97 year history,” Young said.

Away games are even drawing crowds out to watch the games.

“In prior years I would always set my Saturdays aside for home games, but this year I am also setting my Saturdays aside for away games,” Chavez said. “Just for watch parties. Gotta see the horns play.”