AUSTIN (KXAN) — Iran says its president and foreign minister have received U.S. visas for annual United Nations meeting in New York. Iranian officials are warning any U.S. or Saudi military strike on Iran will result in “all out war.”

Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul weighed in on the situation with Iran. This comes after the U.S. Secretary of State called an attack on Saudi oil installations an “act of war.”

McCaul says that in the past, groups like ISIS and Al-Queda were top concerns. Now, North Korea, Russia and Iran are becoming bigger threats.

“Obviously, right now the situation with Iran is getting very dicey, to say the least and these are becoming the bigger threats of the day, ” Rep. Michael McCaul said to KXAN. “And as I prepare to become the top-ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I’m spending a lot of my time focused on that right now.”

McCaul says President Trump has no interest in creating a new war in the Middle East. He believes the next step is to go to the United Nations to make it clear that countries should unite if Iran becomes a bigger threat.