AUSTIN (KXAN) — The race in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia are still too close to call as of early Wednesday morning—and tens of thousands of mail-in ballots are still uncounted.

As of Wednesday morning, Democrat Joe Biden leads Pres. Donald Trump with 236-213 electoral votes, but the uncounted ballots are expected to favor Biden, according to CNN. So why are they still uncounted?

In states like Pennsylvania, some counties can’t even start counting mail-in ballots until Wednesday morning—some other areas in other states couldn’t start tallying until right before or on Election Day.

Election officials in other states merely ran out of hours and energy, with plans to resume in the morning.

Mail-in ballots reached historic totals this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many ballot batches faced scrutiny from Republican legislatures. Last week, a case that aimed to get rid of 127,000 ballots cast through drive-through voting in Harris County, Texas, was dismissed.

Republicans who filed the case were attempting to toss the 127,000 ballots arguing it was an unapproved expansion of voting.

Early Wednesday morning, Trump spoke for the first time and echoed previous statements casting doubt on the legitimacy of the race, saying that some of his totals “went down” or weren’t included in some numbers. Trump also claimed to have won several states that have not yet been finalized, including Michigan and Georgia.

“Most importantly,” Trump said, “We’re winning Pennsylvania. We’re up 690,000 votes in Pennsylvania. It’s not even close.”

In Philadelphia, CNN reports, about 75,000 mail-in ballots are still uncounted as of Wednesday morning—out of 350,000.

Pew Research reported in October that 51% of Biden supporters said they planned to, or already had, voted by mail or absentee. Meanwhile, only 25% of Trump supporters indicated they had voted that way or planned to.

Biden gave the first speech of the night Tuesday, saying he believes the campaign is “on track to win the election.” Biden said voters will need to be patient due to the unprecedented nature of voting this year.

“It’s not over until every vote is counted,” Biden exclaimed.