AUSTIN (KXAN) — Sixty new customer service representatives have helped to cut call wait times for people trying to resolve issues with their TxTag bill, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Xerox has reportedly expanded to three call centers around the state and is working to expand as needed. TxDOT said the average wait time of 13 minutes on Monday was down to four minutes on Thursday.

During an interview with KXAN on Tuesday, TxDOT’s executive director said fixes would come this week.

“We know that resolving issues will not happen overnight, but we are listening to all concerned parties, are taking immediate action, and seeing progress,” said TxDOT Executive Director Lt. Gen. Joe Weber. “TxDOT and Xerox are committed to improving the customer experience and fully understand the importance of fixing all problems.”

The transportation department said Xerox also made improvements to the website to make it easier for customers to resolve issues online. Additionally, further improvements are being looked at to make it easier for customers to use the site.

TxDOT says they will also partner with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and its toll service provider “to co-locate customer service representatives in both operations to improve phone service to our shared customers.”

Lawmakers met Thursday with leaders from TxDOT, Xerox and the CTRMA to address the continuing issues. State Rep. Tony Dale, R-Cedar Park, says up to 500,000 delayed statements have been sent out to customers. TxDOT, however, could not tell KXAN the total number of complaints it has received.

Dale has also called for an audit into whether TxDOT has been collecting money from customers who may have been billed in error.

“This entire situation has gotten completely out of hand,” he said. “I wonder how many thousands of dollars of erroneous toll violations have been assessed and collected.”

Xerox was fined nearly $177,000 by TxDOT earlier this month for systems failures. Xerox’s $100 million contract with the State of Texas includes handling customer service and the TxTag website.

The department asks anyone with questions about their account to visit the website or call 888-468-9824.