U.S. (KXAN) — A 2015 Homeland Security study found that TSA officers failed to detect smuggled weapons in 67 out of 70 attempts, a 95 percent failure rate.

Now the TSA will be making security pat-downs more comprehensive under a new policy. The agency is tightening their rules to improve security.

Previously, they used several types of pat-downs usually after a person sets off the metal detectors. Now, those options have been replaced with a universal procedure and not everyone is on board.

“From an operations perspective, it’s a little bit easier because everybody just has to learn one procedure, one technique. And they don’t have to try to make a judgment call as to which one to use,” said Jeff Price, security expert.

The TSA pat-downs will still be done by an officer of the same gender. The inspections include patting down the head, neck, arms, legs, feet, torso and sensitive areas. Passengers are always allowed to request a private screening.

“This is not anything that’s going to benefit security and all it does is turn the checkpoint into a place of indecency,” said Douglas Kidd with the Passenger Rights Group.