Trump vs. Clinton’s 2nd debate fact-check snapshot


AUSTIN (KXAN) – It’s been a long campaign and we’ve heard a lot but let’s look at just a few examples of Trump and Clinton misleading voters.

Let’s start with Donald Trump’s claim that Clinton’s 2008 campaign started the rumor President Obama was born outside the United States.

“You really owe him an apology,” he told Secretary Clinton during the Sunday night debate. “You’re the one who sent the pictures around. Your campaign sent the pictures around of President Obama in a certain garb. That was long before I was ever involved. So you are the one who actually owes an apology.”

We found that is mostly un-true. While a few Clinton supporters questioned where President Obama was born in 2008, the official Clinton Campaign did not start the “birther” conspiracy.

Reports of an anonymous email circulating in pro-Clinton circles in the primary spread a rumor that already existed. After Obama won the primary, disgruntled supporters continued to bring up the issue with a website dedicated to backing the Republican nominee at the time, John McCain. No one has been able to point to someone from the official Clinton campaign spreading the rumor, only supporters.

Clinton defended herself saying she was not in office when President Obama said he would not tolerate the Assad regime in Syria using chemical weapons against his own people.

“Well she was there as Secretary of State with the so called ‘line in the sand’,” Trump said. “No I wasn’t. I was gone. I hate to interrupt you…,” said Clinton.

“You were in contact with White House,” said Trump. “At some point we need to do some fact checking here,” said Clinton.

We found that misleading. President Obama made those comments in 2012 when Clinton was Secretary of State. She left the state department in 2013. Syrian President Assad is accused of using chemical weapons later that year.

What’s important about all of this is; you have to do your own homework before you vote. Most politicians will only tell you what makes them look good and the truth is not always straight forward.

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